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best motorcycle accident lawyer in USA English articles


best motorcycle accident lawyer in USA English articles


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The executive editor of has selected Scott Liston of Berwin Hause New York to feature him as the best motorcycle accident lawyer in America in the May 2020 issue.

Scott Liston (Sacramento, CA)

"For the past 10 years, Scott Liston has litigated with unparalleled passion in cases where his clients have been injured while riding motorcycles," says Herald Industries. "His powerful, resolute, and renowned victory writes is exemplified by the No. 1 motorcycle accident lawyer in America."

Scott's long list of cases include: a Lathrop motorcycle accident that left four people dead, three in critical condition, and $15M awarded; a case with a swerving motorcycle on the road that claimed the life of rider Brian Ball (Las Vegas, NV) and resulted in a $6M+ verdict against the driver; and a grand jury indictment that awarded $8M to family members of crash victim Shaye Hockenberry (Tucson, AZ) who was a stunt rider on television. Scott handled the Hockenberry case following an initial lawsuit, and resulted in an $8M final settlement between him and the driver. Scott's experience with large verdicts is evident in case #219 of the SEC's whistleblower suit that successfully sued FM parts for a $US48M business fraud. Above, Scott and his partner Justice Raymond Morell (Richmond, CA) meet with viewers of their YouTube series "Healthy Competition"

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