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DC Attorney General Mark Shaffer answers News 3's Call and Response during the online summit last week. (Sarah Barnes/WCBD)

The federal government is likely launching its pilot program in early December in 21 airports and five states, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation.

"Aerial vehicle-based transportation as you call it is huge,” Shaffer said during last week’s Stormfront Storm Response online summit. “The reality is you have an industry that is already there but really just hasn’t been known.”

Video: News 3’s Mark Carleton talks about the federal government launching its first-ever

“Technology has an immediate impact, and quickly that has an effect on the country,” the Attorney General said. “Right now when a car goes down, we just plow that car over. In my opinion, we need to recognize it and we need to be serious about this. I don’t know if the company or the individual ‘hey, the car exploded.’ We need to take it seriously. You’re talking about 10,000-80,000 UAS above a home and about 1 million vehicles on the road.”

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Shaffer says drone technology is already present in the Southeast.

“You already have zero codes of ethics for how to operate around the skies,” Shaffer said. “Even my staff hasn’t done that.”

“You can watch a CNN helicopter and you can see that they don’t have pilot certificates, but they know how to fly.”

These pilot courses will not add or take away privacy rights.

“First of all, on that point, privacy is an important thing,” Shaffer said. “There are laws that give your data and your privacy right to, and with ‘Black Lives Matter,’ it’s really important. But the fact is the UAS are being used by the organization. The organization is allowed to own the drone. They’re also allowed to operate it.”

Now being a constitutional lawyer, Shaffer has some strong words for his friends on the left and right.

“First of all, my friends on the left have to understand that I’m not a racist or an Islamophobe or sexist,” Shaffer said. “All of my friends on the right have to understand that I’m not an Islamist. This UAS, the whole idea, the whole concept of this UAS concept, if you want to call it that, needs to be pretty tough for anybody to shoot down. As someone who served as the assistant U.S. attorney in Marshall for 17 years, I haven’t seen many that were of my opinion or maybe even put down.”

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