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accident attorney car accident lawyer india

A claims lawyer who is famous for being awarded over $750,000 on behalf of his clients who have lost in car accidents has requested the Supreme Court to allow him the chance to file a compensation for accident lawyer client India.

In an affidavit filed before the apex court, Harimalala Nag, who had won a lawsuit worth Rs 125 lakh on behalf of his clients, Senthil Kumar, the owner of Mr. P’s Automobile Diagnostic Centre, has argued that the lower court had tossed out the case saying it was inadmissible.

He has cited several incidents where the parties had met to thrash out the nature of the accident or damages or damages caused.

“Most of these meetings were held behind closed doors. Several counsels advised their clients not to file this case,” he said.

In one such instance, in another case, Mr. Nag said the private criminal lawyer representing Mr. P’s who happened to be running that car had admitted that the accident was unavoidable.

“But, he has admitted that there were also factors beyond his control like violation of traffic rules,” he added.

He has also contended that the delay in filing the claim or eventually deciding who should get the payout was also consistent with the partiality of that counsel.

“But he now wants the facts to be fixed in the public domain.”

“My name has become synonymous with accident lawyer across the country, and I don’t want this to happen to anybody else.”

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