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accident attorney car accident lawyer US in English


accident attorney car accident lawyer in USA

CONCORA, Spain: A lawyer working for the family of a man killed in a car accident which also left the driver dead, said on Monday he had hired an “American police” crash expert to try to get a forensic examination of the crashed vehicle.

Martial Jurado, a lawyer from Monchengladbach, Germany, who is part of a family group that has contested claims that 17-year-old Bruno Teras could have been smoking a marijuana pipe and driving, said a forensic examination of the car, made with CarBrake software, was crucial to show what happened.

He said he was consulting with a forensic investigator on how to do that.

“If the car was not packed with gas, it would be quite a difficult job to find traces of carbon dioxide in the car, it would be rather hard,” Jurado said during a news conference.

Also, he said the crash investigators may have had to bribe the driver of the vehicle to have the car examined.

Jurado was hired in August by Gerardo Teras and his late wife after Teras’ son Bruno was killed in a car accident near his home in Spain.

Lawyers have called for forensic work including the car to be examined and have said that if Bruno was smoking the marijuana pipe, as was likely, the driver would have drunk alcohol before the accident. (REUTERS)

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