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accident attorney car accident lawyer US in English


accident attorney car accident lawyer US in English

Accident Attorneys and the Bullying Lawyer


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CyberAdvocacy Group Responds to Ad Involving Lawyers

Political quote:

In today’s digital age, journalists now have access to information about the inner workings of our government by keeping important incidents trending online. As voters look for reasons to change their representatives, fear of cyber criminals—often masked as presidential candidates—enrages voters, bringing extreme politicians back to office, or preventing change in the first place.

In a bizarre example of Trumpian behavior, last month Politico’s “Digital” published a video interview featuring Tampa attorney, Corey Burns as well as Michigan lawyer, Eugene Fairbanks. Both are prominent participants in President Trump’s 2020 reelection campaign as “executive agents” of Trump & Trump for American Families PAC.

The video was the result of Trump’s 2016 endorsement of the Miami law firm, USA Attorneys. Back then, Trump had called Burns an “extraordinary lawyer.”

In the video interview, Burns is asked to respond to an allegation that the Trump campaign made the “mistake” of endorsing him. Burns responded by claiming he “spent most of the last 20 years of my career advising plaintiffs. Not defending the criminals,” before abruptly ending the interview.

Burns’s statements appear bizarre in light of the fact that current progressive jurisdictions across the U.S. have recently taken action against the conduct of attorneys who engage in the act of political bullying. These actions include:

— Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan announced Feb. 8 a case against attorney who encourages her clients to seek thousands of dollars in compensation from the federal government. The action involves a lawsuit surrounding the “illegally deceased” law firm, International Law Group, LLC, in order to claim personal injury.

— Kamala Harris's office has also been proactive in challenging election manipulation lawsuits. The Harris campaign claimed last month that several of these lawsuits have an inherent defense built “onto the foundation of using the courts to undermine the will of the voters.”

— New York’s attorney general has also recently moved to defend election integrity by taking action to stop lawsuits that may be “manifestly biased and unfair” to the Trump campaign. The move came in the wake of a federal judge in Pennsylvania dismissing anti-Kavanaugh “Electoral Reform Package” lawsuits in just three days.

— After The Miami Herald published a damning piece, the founder of Alphain was compelled to offer a detailed explanation for his “The Clerk is on Strike” video, in which she said he “acknowledged his own role as a bully [and] profited for it.” He offered up this response: “Then, I’ll be back on the attack.”


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