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Complain as soon as there is online fraud, money can be refunded

 Just as digital transactions have increased in the country, similarly the cases of online financial fraud have also increased. In the Corona era, due to the increase in online transactions, there has been a rapid increase in financial frauds. Online fraudsters use various tactics to steal money online from the bank accounts of citizens.

Everyone has a mobile number in their bank account. Therefore, the message of depositing money in the account and deducting money is sent on the mobile. As soon as the money goes into your account, a message comes on the mobile.

Many people do not know what to do in case of online fraud. Often people drop the topic because it is a small amount. However, after online fraud, all money can be refunded by contacting the cyber cell without any fear and making a proper complaint.

If the fraud is perpetrated through a minor mistake or other online financial fraud, the fraudster can demand a refund. However, to get this refund, it is necessary to make a complaint immediately.

It is often seen that people do not understand properly what to do, where to complain, how to apply after online fraud. But it is important to know what are the ways to get the money back without panic, what are the legal options fraudsters can use.

Pay attention to online transactions

Most of the citizens do online transactions. Sufficient care needs to be taken while doing this transaction. Pincoded, CVV number should be kept. My mobile must be locked. Do not share your OTP, Link, Password etc with anyone.

refund in 10 days

If the bank is informed and a proper complaint is lodged, the fraudulent person will not suffer any major loss. As per the rules, a person can get a refund within ten days. There is no need to give up or get confused about what to do after being a victim of online fraud. In addition to temporarily suspending online transactions by calling the bank after the fraud has occurred, it may also be beneficial to file a written complaint in person with the bank.

Reporting cyber crime to the nearest police station is also beneficial.

Where to complain?

If you have been the victim of an online fraud and money has been transferred from your account to another, you must file a complaint within three days of the fraud being committed.

fraud report or at the local police station. When a complaint is registered on this website, the complainant is informed through SMS. Also a reference number is also given after registering the complaint. So that the complainant can get information regarding the investigation.

What does RBI rule say?

As per RBI rules, if fraud is committed under illegal electronic transactions, the person who cheated is not held responsible. It is beneficial to take legal action if you inform your bank about this fraud immediately.

Online fraud incidents.....

January – 2

February – 5

March – 4

April – 4

May – 3

June – 10

July – 6

August – 9

September – 6

Code :

1) Since the incidents of fraud due to unknown app are increasing, this should not be allowed and caution should be taken. The fraud should be immediately reported to the concerned police station. Many reputable companies have their own online sales websites, make sure they are official or not. Cyber ​​Department (Mira Bhayandar Vasai Virar, Police Commissionerate)

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