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What is a semiconductor chip, how will it contribute significantly in making India a world leader again?

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The role of fossil fuels is as famous today as it was in the first industrial revolution. Similarly, semiconductors will be a major contributor to the coming Fourth Industrial Revolution. According to Craig Bennett, former president and CEO of Intel, the semiconductor microprocessor is the most complex invention ever. We are about to enter the era of data and artificial intelligence. Semiconductors will play a major role in this. In the past few years, the world has made rapid progress in the field of technology. Semiconductors play a major role in our technological development. In such a situation, in order to win in the future, India will have to dominate the semiconductor sector first. If India becomes successful in this field, then no power in the world can stop it from moving forward. However, till now we have been dependent on imports for semiconductors. In this episode, let us find out what is a semiconductor chip and how it can contribute significantly to make India a world leader again. 

Semiconductor is a special type of material. It has the properties of a good conductor of electricity and a bad conductor of electricity. They control the flow of electricity. They are made of silicone. Some special doping is added to it, which can change the properties of the conductor. This develops its desirable properties and the same material is used to make electrical circuit chips. This chip is installed in many high-tech devices. The data is processed by the semiconductor chip. For this reason it is also called the brain of electronic devices. Today it is being used in all the best electronic devices from cars. Today we are living in an information age. The fourth industrial revolution has begun. The country is said to be dominant in the fields of data, artificial intelligence and quantum computing. The coming century will be his. In such a situation, many countries of the world are investing heavily in this area.

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